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I am a bit of a study in contrasts.

I’m an outgoing introvert. I’ve worked for humanitarian agencies and the Army. I like tattoos and tailored suits. I work on vintage motorcycles and write poetry. I’ve dined with royalty and eaten free food given out by monks. I have an omnivorous intellect and a quick wit, and so find myself “out there” trying new things on a regular basis.

I began my working life as an officer in the Canadian Army, but then travelled way, way off the beaten path to seek adventure around the world. Over the past two decades, I’ve lived, worked or travelled in over seventy countries across five continents. I’ve been lucky to have seen many parts of the world that few travelers visit, including a number of war zones and other dangerous places. I have an enduring love of Afghanistan and its peoples, fostered by my time living there.

I was educated at the Royal Military College of Canada, obtaining both an Honours degree in Military and Strategic Studies and a Master’s of Defense Studies. I recently also completed a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from Humber College.

I split my writing efforts between prose (primarily novels, some short stories) and screenwriting (primarily features, also television).

I’m blessed to currently live in Toronto, Canada.