Review: The Caravan

There has been a lot written in the last twenty years about “global jihad,” although finding good analysis rather than rhetoric can be hard. Thomas Hegghammer does a great service with his latest book, The Caravan, which sheds light on a previously dim corner of the subject. Part of the issue with the general Western … Continue reading Review: The Caravan

An Interview with Alastair Luft

Alastair Luft is an Ottawa based writer, whose two books—Jihadi Bride and The Battle Within—have both received a lot of praise. He’s also a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, and someone who took up writing in earnest later in life. Although I don’t know him personally, I know him through others, and wanted to find out … Continue reading An Interview with Alastair Luft

An Interview with Khalid Wardak

Afghanistan has a rich and ancient poetic and storytelling tradition, going back over the millennia.” Khalid Wardak Khalid Wardak is an Edmonton-based writer currently working on a memoir about his early life in Afghanistan. Although his work is yet to be published, I’m intensely curious to read it and learn about his experiences. He and … Continue reading An Interview with Khalid Wardak