A gripping novel set during the height of the Nicaraguan revolution.

Ebook coverIn 1978, the Somoza family held the people of Nicaragua in a stranglehold, stripping the country of everything of value and making beggars out of honest citizens. The only thing that kept the Somozas in power was the draconian actions of the feared Guardia Nacional.

In this repressive environment, life became exceedingly difficult for anyone not connected to the regime. In order to survive, Paco eked out a living with friends as street musicians, busking and playing university parties. His life couldn’t have been farther from that of Ramón, a young man who squandered his privileged upbringing and was expelled from medical school.

Despite their differences, the two became fast friends, before being swept up into the heart of the revolution by the inexorable tide of history. What began as a struggle for survival became a search for meaning. But when the human cost of striving for abstract ideals is laid bare, they realize that the true struggle is to maintain their humanity.

Every Arm Outstretched explores how we determine right and wrong when society itself has become corrupt, the meaning of love, loyalty and friendship, and whether the ends can ever truly justify the means.

While the facts of the Nicaraguan revolution are well known, recorded history often hides more than it reveals. Every Arm Outstretched marries the truth of human nature to the events of history.

Every Arm Outstretched launches on 16 October, 2020. You can pre-order it here.