War is not a genre

I’ve previously written about how the demands of the algorithms that drive online marketing have created more genres than ever (over 13000 distinct genres on Amazon!). But even before this proliferation of categories within literature, some commonly accepted genres were problematic. The “war” genre is one of these. The modern “war novel” as a genre … Continue reading War is not a genre

Self-Discipline unlocks Creativity

When the average person thinks of an “Artist,” or even just a very creative person, that they don’t necessarily associate them with the idea of “discipline.” Lots has been written about the business of being an artist, and what it takes to be commercially successful – planning, hustle and drive. Perhaps in this context, the … Continue reading Self-Discipline unlocks Creativity

An Interview with Alastair Luft

Alastair Luft is an Ottawa based writer, whose two books—Jihadi Bride and The Battle Within—have both received a lot of praise. He’s also a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, and someone who took up writing in earnest later in life. Although I don’t know him personally, I know him through others, and wanted to find out … Continue reading An Interview with Alastair Luft

Discover how to boost your creative brain with meditation and mindfulness

Proving what many creatives have known intuitively for years, studies show that mindfulness and meditation both have a positive effect on our creativity. Whether you want to discover, improve or maintain that creative flow, there are a number of meditation and mindfulness practices that you can use. Creativity on Demand Many people think of creative … Continue reading Discover how to boost your creative brain with meditation and mindfulness