The Concept of Tsundoku

Have you ever been excited about a new book you’ve bought, only to bring it home and place it on an ever-growing stack of unread books? If so, you might be an unknowing practitioner of tsundoku. I’ve already written about the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi in an earlier post. Tsundoku is another Japanese concept that we … Continue reading The Concept of Tsundoku

Wabi Sabi

One of the most formative experiences of my life was the five years I spent at military college. It’s not by accident that the Royal Military College of Canada’s march is “Precision.” I learned many useful things there, including self-discipline, resilience and an appreciation for comradeship and loyalty. I also gained the determination to strive … Continue reading Wabi Sabi

Private D.S. Taylor

This short article was produced by Captain Jon Link at 32 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters, based on research that I conducted after finding Pte Desmond’s grave in a local cemetery. Toronto – Nearly 75 years after his suicide, Private Desmond Taylor of the The Queen’s York Rangers RCAC 1st Americans was remembered by members of … Continue reading Private D.S. Taylor