Review: A Flag for Sunrise

You might find it unusual for me to post a review of a book that was published in 1981, but hear me out. The sheer volume of books published every year, and the way that they are marketed – very intensely for a short period of time – means that inevitably we all miss books … Continue reading Review: A Flag for Sunrise

On Algorithms and Genre

It’s generally accepted that in modern literature there are two broad kinds of fiction – literary fiction and genre fiction. While it is often said that the difference is that genre fiction is principally concerned with plot and convention, while literary fiction elevates character and theme, this is not the only difference. The sub-text, sometimes … Continue reading On Algorithms and Genre

Discover how to boost your creative brain with meditation and mindfulness

Proving what many creatives have known intuitively for years, studies show that mindfulness and meditation both have a positive effect on our creativity. Whether you want to discover, improve or maintain that creative flow, there are a number of meditation and mindfulness practices that you can use. Creativity on Demand Many people think of creative … Continue reading Discover how to boost your creative brain with meditation and mindfulness

The Taliban and COVID-19

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges, as well as opportunities, for the Taliban as they vie for power in Afghanistan. One of the world’s first major outbreaks after China was in Iran, home to a large Afghan diaspora, many of whom fled back into Afghanistan as the crisis in Iran worsened. Predictably, they … Continue reading The Taliban and COVID-19

Afghanistan’s Bandit Tradition

While decades of conflict have created a degree of anarchy and lawlessness across Afghanistan, within Afghan culture there have long been romanticized portrayals of bandits that continue to the present day. Pashtun culture in particular is highly egalitarian, with strongly pronounced streaks of both individualism and justice. The ideal Pashtun male is someone who is … Continue reading Afghanistan’s Bandit Tradition