New B&B Edition

Well, we finally managed to get the “Fall 2017” edition of Blood & Bourbon out the door. Was it painful? A little – though the commitment made to all the writers, artists and photographers who were accepted helped us to make it through. The launch party at 3030 Dundas West showed who amongst our fans … Continue reading New B&B Edition

Review: Vividly Diverse Haiku

Tanya Bailey’s recently published collection of poetry, “Vividly Diverse Haikus,” contained some surprising lessons for me. I think that most people connect with haiku through their own experiences of grade school English. Trying to make a poem that fit the 5-7-5 rhythm and still made sense could be challenging, although the restrictions seemed arbitrary and … Continue reading Review: Vividly Diverse Haiku

Review: Hue 1968

“Hue 1968” is the latest book by acclaimed author Mark Bowden, best known for his account of the 1993 debacle (and bravery) in Mogadishu, “Black Hawk Down.” It is an excellent read, for anyone interested in the Vietnam War or in seeing the detail of how an urban insurgency is fought. “Hue 1968” describes the … Continue reading Review: Hue 1968